Training courses

        The Central Mines Rescue Station provides training, which result from the regulation of the Minister of Economy on mine rescue for people who need to have specific training in the organization and management of emergency actions, managing rescue teams, members of the mine rescue teams, management and supervision staff of the mining plant, who are not part of the rescue team. It also provides training, which is aimed at improving knowledge and skills of the staff in mines, in particular in the field of fire protection down the mine, operation and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment, measurements in the mine. It has appropriately prepared staff for carrying out training as well as appropriate training and social facilities, such as: lecture halls with modern training equipment, training chambers, and practice places in underground excavations.

     As a professional body active in mine rescue we cooperate with all mining plants, and with scientific-research units, such as the Central Mining Institute, Experimental Mine ?Barbara?, the Strata Mechanics Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Kraków, CILP and mining universities, such as AGH University of Science and Technology, University of Silesia, Wrocław University of Technology.