About us

About us

Central Mine Rescue Station in Bytom is a joint stock company with a special significance for the state economy, created as a result of the commercialization of the state-owned public utility enterprise. The only shareholder of the Company is the State Treasury. By virtue of a decision in the year 2004, the District Court in Katowice the Company was entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs under the KRS number 0000223325 and from 1 January 2005 it started operating as a sole shareholder company of the State Treasury.

The founding body of the Company entrusted Central Mine Rescue Station performance of public tasks, consisting in cooperation in carrying out rescue operations and granting aid to mining plants in preventing and eliminating the effects of mining hazards.

 The tasks entrusted to the Company include in particular:

  • immediate help in the event of threat to life or health of mining plant employees and other people in the mining plant, and in the event of a mine plant safety hazard arising in particular due to: fire, gas or coal dust explosion, gas or rock outburst, breakdown water for excavations, collapse, bursts, opening of isolated excavations, penetration of inactive excavations, eruptions of reservoir fluid, hydrogen sulphide evolution and energetic failure, as well as threats to general safety,
  • performing preventive work aimed at preventing a direct threat to workers’ safety or mining plant operations.

 In order to carry out the tasks, the Company is obliged to:

  • keep the adequately qualified and equipped rescue teams and specialized mining rescue services in a constant readiness,
  • conducti exercises in the field of mining rescue,
  • organize and conduct training courses in the field of mine rescue,
  • consulting the state of preparation of mining plants for conducting rescue operations,
  • organize medical examinations of mine rescuers at a specialized medical examination center,
  • carry out research and evaluation of rescue equipment,
  • perform specialized analyzes of chemical air samples,
  • calibration of reference gas materials,
  • initiate, coordinate and conduct research, development and implementation works, ensuring technical and organizational progress in mining rescue.

In the organizational structure of CSRG S.A., there are three District Mine Rescue Stations, which are branch offices of the Company:

  • OSRG in Bytom – Zabrze,
  • OSRG in Jaworzno,
  • OSRG in Wodzisław,

which are kept in a constant readiness, enabling an immediate trip at the request of the mining plant. In addition, in the Central Mine Rescue Station professional rescue and professional rescue teams are maintained.

Rescue teams participate especially where specialized knowledge and experience during work in mining plants are required.

One of the loudest and most difficult actions, apart from the rescue operations in the mines, in which the rescuers of CSRG took part, were the activities after the construction disaster of the Exhibition Hall of the International Fair in Chorzów in 2006.

Central Mine Rescue Station conducts its activities based on, among others Geological and Mining Law (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2015, item 196, later amended). The Act imposes on the Company the obligation to conduct specialist medical examinations and specialist psychological tests.

For the implementation of the aforementioned obligation Central Mine Rescue Station has established a subsidiary company ?Cen-Med? Sp. z o.o., in which he holds 100% of shares.

The company’s main objectives are to provide health services, including medical examinations of mining rescuers and preventive examinations.

The second company in which Central Mine Rescue Station owns 100% of shares is the Specialist Services Center of the Central Mining Rescue Station CEN-RAT Sp. z o.o. The main activity of the Company is to provide inertization services to mines with specialized equipment and devices for inert gases administration, through specialized services.