Mission and vision

About us/ Mission and vision

Activity of the Central Mine Rescue Station can be divided into three categories:

intervention in the scope of providing assistance to miners and mines endangered by the effects of events related to underground fires, mine gas and coal dust explosions, gas and rock outbursts, rock collapses and rock bursts, violent water intrusion into mining excavations and removal of effects and restoration of safe working conditions after these events

preventive measures based on preventing the occurrence of these dangerous events. Such activities include, among others, development of technologies and expertise in the construction of fire dams, insulation and strengthening of the rock mass, and direct participation of specialists and paramedics in the preventive work carried out in the mines

training for:

  • mine management
  • mining supervision
  • persons directing rescue actions
  • teams of rescue teams in the field of:

combat mining hazards,

fire prevention,

conducting and managing rescue operations,

use specialized rescue equipment,

providing qualified first aid.